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2022 | GBTA Advocacy

Welcome to the new GBTA Europe Advocacy Newsletters (from July 2022) which will keep you up to date with what’s happening in relation to business travel in Brussels and how GBTA is advocating on your behalf:

July 2022

August 2022

2022 | Nordic

# 1 | April

Meet our new Norwegian colleague, BT4Euope is up and running and more …

# 2 | September

NBTS 2023 is well on its way, Join for GBTA Conference 2022 in November and more…

2021 | Nordic

# 1  | February
About Nordic C-C membership, NBTS 2021 and more!

# 2 | April
Take a look at our new logo and upcoming events.

# 3 | October
Let’s meet again, DBTA’s 50th Anniversary and more…

#4 | December
NBTS is postponed to 2023, a new Nordic Business Travel Report in 2022 and more…

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Nordic | European | Global News

May 2022 | BT4Europe website is now launched

The European Network of Business Travel Associations, BT4Europe for short, has now released their website.

Across Europe business travel is of vital importance to businesses, public institutions, and NGOs. BT4Europe are the (new) voice of those who buy business travel services and those who travel.

Click to learn more about who the members (including all 4 Nordic associations) are and where the focus will be in the beginning:

You can also follow BT4Europe on their LinkedIn page:

Februar 2022 | BT4Europe is founded

The 4 Nordics are happy to be founding members of European Network of Business Travel Associations (BT4Europe)!

You can find the press release on our respective webpages:
FBTA – link
SBTA – link
DBTA – link

Januar 2022 | New agreements with GBTA | Global Business Travel Assocation

We have signe a new agreement with GBTA for the next 5 years. All 4 Nordic countries have been GBTA partners since 2011 and we want to continue the good cooperation to bring our members global content.


June 2021 | Nina & Pinta:
Nina & Pinta_report_TMC RFP Process_2021

May 2021 | Business Travel News:

April 2021 | Business Travel News:
Europe’s buyers call for common approach to resume travel quickly

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