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This webpage has been set up for the purpose of sharing knowledge between the Nordic associations. Please take a look:

Take a look of this “Sustainability in Air Travel” report:

Understanding how travel attitudes have changed over the course of the pandemic. And are travelers willing to pay a higher price for a more sustainable travel?

YouGov_Skyscanner_SustainabilityResearch_Global_Report – Nov 2021


Tools for sustainability data!?

Take a look at this page, where we share presentation from 7 Suppliers, who showed their products on a Nordic Showcase in October, 2021:


NBTS 2021 | reports and other materials from our Speakers and Sponsors

NBTS 2021 is very much about sustainability and we know that many companies have a strong focus on the area.

Here you will find a number of reports and presentations for inspiration:

Thrust Carbon | NBTS 2021 flyer      

Unlocked Data  LINK to NBTS presentation

Compensate LINK to NBTS presentation

Fly Green Fund | Infographic


Green Travel tips from our Nordic members

Our intention is to keep on sharing information on sustainability, CSR and green travelling within the Nordic association for the next many years.

Since we started sharing Green(er) knowledge, our members have shared all these great tips:

Travel or Not?

  • Implement a strong travel policy – Why meet and how to meet
  • Define a sustainable ROI in advance prior to accepting a meeting
  • Always take virtual meeting into consideration
    • Use video conference, Skype, Microsoft Teams etc.
    • Have a reason code for traveling instead of virtual meetings
  • Cut the size of delegations to a minimum


  • Fly economy class
  • Travel as light as possible
    • If every (Finnair) passenger would pack one kilogram less in their luggage, a saving of 1,2 million kilograms of aviation fuel would be made. This is equivalent to 20 flights between Helsinki and Tokyo, says Finnair’s director for sustainability Kati Ihamäki
  • Bleisure = connect a business trip with vacation to reduce number of trips in total
  • Always choose a direct flight
  • Choose airlines with new fleets and green focus
  • Invest in sustainable bio fuels if you choose to fly
    • Flygreenfund is a good example for where you can do this
  • Don´t choose between train and flight
    • choose the right company for the trip, and make sure it’s a environmentally friendly choice
  • Climate compensate and be sure to choose the right solution
  • Enable green marking of environmentally friendly trips via TMC and OBT, three green hearts e.g

Ground Transportation

  • Make it easy for your traveler to make the right choice
  • Go by train whenever possible
    • Include this option in your travel policy
    • Use time for work and relax
  • Take the train to/from the airport | use public transportation
  • Night trains
  • Share cars and taxis
  • Choose Hybrid and/or electrical cars where possible
  • Use carbon footprint calculations when available
  • Ground transportation is a significant portion of emission, use public transport instead of taxi whenever possible


  • Stop changing bed sheets and towels every day
  • Say NO to cleaning every day
  • Push GDSs to include CO2 emission data from hotels

Other great ideas

  • Think about small changes you can do yourselves
    • you alone can not save the planet. But if everybody is doing small things it ends big and will be manageable
  • Select Eco certified suppliers
  • Reduce the numbers of paper receipts and invoices
  • Trace what the supplier stands for when it comes to CSR
    • What do they do for a more sustainable future?
  • Have companies invest in long term solutions
  • Bring a reusable water bottle
  • Stop telling others what to do……
    • If you want to be a vegan – be a vegan, but do not lecture others
  • Commute with public eco friendly transportation, bike or walk
  • Push the GDSs to develop search functionalities on aircraft CO2 emissions. Push airlines to divulge aircraft emissions
    • aircraft type and last years loadfactor on the same flight number

Keep on sharing...

If you want to share good tips or good experiences about Travel Green(er) from your company, then feel free to share via this link:


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